Museum Brings History to Life for Students at Prospect Ridge Academy

Seven volunteers came together on January 23 to contribute an evening of Colorado military history for the students and families of Prospect Ridge Academy, as part of the school’s Science and Social Studies Night.  The volunteers facilitated five different interactive stations covering 170 years of military history.  Students were able to try on replica uniforms and equipment from the Mexican American War, American Civil War, WWII, Vietnam and Gulf Wars and learn about these conflicts. They also learned about the women’s role in supporting the U.S. Army on the Western American Frontier (1840s to 1890s) and played games that the Frontier soldiers’ children may have played.  Over 125 students and their parents took part in the activities.

The displays were coordinated by the Broomfield Veterans Memorial Museum with the help of volunteers from the museum, American Military Living History Association (AMLHA) and the American Legion Post #58.  Both the AMLHA and the American Legion meet at the museum and assist with the educational and events held there.  The activity was well received by the staff at the Academy. The Academy’s coordinator of the Science & Social Studies Night, Sarah Shoemaker, stated that, “I was very impressed with everything that was happening around our school.  You were the hype of the school today!  Many kids were talking about the night and how much fun they had with each presenter.”