1.0       Preamble


BVMM maintains a Robert Davenport, Sr. Veteran Fund for the purpose of helping to address emergency financial needs of honorably discharged or retired veterans of the United States military and of their immediate families. These Guidelines set forth the guiding principles to be employed by the Directors of the BVMM in responding to requests for grants from the Robert Davenport, Sr. Veteran Fund.


2.0       Definitions


As used herein, the following terms shall have the following meanings:


2.1       “Beneficiary” refers to an Eligible Veteran or immediate family member of an Eligible Veteran (such as a spouse, child or parent) who lives with the Eligible Veteran at least 25% of the time.


2.2       “BVMM” refers to the Broomfield Veterans Memorial Museum, a Colorado not-for-profit corporation.


2.3       “Eligible Veteran” refers to an honorably discharged or retired veteran. Eligibility shall not include death or injury of an otherwise Eligible Veteran as a direct or indirect result of any of the following:


  1. Suicide or attempted suicide;
  2. Intoxication or illegal drug use;
  3. Commission or attempted commission of a crime; or
  4. Gross negligence.


2.4       “Grant Request” refers to a request for a grant from the Robert Davenport, Sr. Veteran Fund made by or on behalf of the veteran.


2.5       “Guidelines” refers to these Robert Davenport, Sr. Veteran Fund Guidelines as modified, amended, replaced or superseded from time to time.


2.7       “Robert Davenport, Sr. Veteran Fund” refers to the Robert Davenport, Sr. Veteran Fund maintained by BVMM.


  • Request for a Grant.


All Grant Requests are subject to the following requirements:


3.1       Residence.  To be eligible for a grant, the Veteran must be a resident in the City and County of Broomfield, Colorado.


3.2       In Writing. All Grant requests must be in writing, unless the urgency of the request does not allow sufficient time for a written request, in which case, the Grant Request may be made orally or via e-mail. Any Grant Request made orally or via e-mail should be followed up with a written confirmation of the Grant Request as soon as reasonably possible.  Requests must include a copy of the Veteran’s Form DD-214.


3.3       Delivered to a BVMM Director. Grant Requests (whether written, oral or e-mailed) must be delivered to one or more Directors of BVMM, preferably to the President of BVMM (who is also a Director).


3.4       Timing, Contents. Grant Requests may be made only on behalf of an Eligible Veteran.  Each Grant Request should identify the Eligible Veteran(s) and Beneficiaries who will benefit from the Grant Request and, to the extent reasonably possible (a) generally describe the situation giving rise to the Grant Request, (b) state with specificity, the purpose of the Grant Request, (c) generally explain why the need addressed by the Grant Request cannot be met by insurance or other resources available to the Eligible Veteran(s) and Beneficiaries to be benefited, (d) provide a date by which the grant is requested, (e) identify specific creditors to be paid from grant funds and for each such creditor, specify the amount and purpose of the proposed payment, (f) describe the documentation that BVMM will receive concerning receipt and use of each payment and (g) provide any other information that the requesting veteran believes will be relevant to BVMM’s decision with respect to the Grant Request or to the verification of use of funds afterwards. To the extent that due to the emergency nature of a Grant Request, some of the information described in this Section 3.3 cannot be compiled in support of the Grant Request, the omitted information shall be required as part of the post-grant follow-up report referenced in Section 5.3.


3.5    Amount.  Grant request in excess of $1,000 shall not be accepted.


4.0       Consideration of Grant Requests


4.1       Notice to Board. As soon as possible following receipt from a Sponsoring Organization of a Grant Request, any Director receiving the Grant Request shall circulate to the Directors, Officers and Grant Committee members of BVMM, via e-mail, a copy of the Grant Request and notice of a meeting to consider the Grant Request. Such notice shall be reasonably calculated to apprise all Officers, Directors and Grant Committee members of the date, time and place of the meeting and to maximize Director attendance at the meeting consistent with the urgency of the request.


4.2       Meeting or Unanimous Consent. The Directors shall meet as soon as reasonably possible to consider any Grant Request. Participation by telephone in a Directors’ meeting to consider a Grant Request shall be equivalent to participation in person. In lieu of a meeting, in response to a written or e-mailed Grant Request, the Directors of BVMM may act on the Grant Request by unanimous written consent of the Directors in accordance with the BVMM Bylaws.


4.3       Required Votes. All decisions on Grant Requests (a) shall be subject to BVMM’s Conflicts of Interest Policy as set forth in its Bylaws and (b) shall be either by affirmative vote of a majority of those Directors in attendance at the meeting where the Grant Request was considered or by unanimous written consent of all Directors in accordance with the BVMM Bylaws.


4.4       Voting/Limitations. If after reasonable effort, the Directors cannot obtain a quorum or unanimous written consent to action in time to address an emergency need set forth in a Grant Request, then any two or more Directors constituting less than a quorum may meet on an emergency basis to consider such portion of the Grant Request, including all of it, as is deemed to be an emergency. Any approval of a Grant Request on an emergency basis by less than a quorum of Directors must be by a vote of at least two thirds of those Directors considering the Grant Request at the emergency meeting. However, (a) in no event may less than a quorum of the BVMM Directors award more than $1,000 on account of any Grant Request, even in response to an emergency, and (b) those Directors constituting less than a quorum considering any Grant Request shall promptly report any action undertaken and its basis to the full Board of Directors, in writing (e-mail being acceptable for this purpose).


4.5       Factors Considered in Voting. The purpose of a grant shall be to pay for or reimburse either extraordinary expenses occasioned by the situation, such as travel, medical or child-care expenses, or necessities of life which the affected Eligible Veteran(s) and Beneficiaries cannot afford as a result of the situation. In deciding upon Grant Requests, the BVMM Directors shall consider the content of the Grant Request, these Guidelines, the availability of funds in the Robert Davenport, Sr. Veteran Fund, and the Rotary International Four-Way Test:


  • Is it the truth?
  • Is it fair to all concerned?
  • Will it build goodwill and better fellowship?

(d)  Will it be beneficial to all concerned?


The decision to grant, partially grant, request additional information regarding or disapprove a Grant Request shall be subject to the sound discretion of those Directors participating in the decision.


4.6       Monetary Limits on Grants. In no event shall any grant from the Robert Davenport, Sr. Veteran Fund exceed the lesser of (a) $1,000 per individual per incident on an emergency basis, or (b) on a per incident basis, whether or not on an emergency basis, 50% of the funds then available for distribution from the Robert Davenport, Sr. Veteran Fund.


  • Follow-Up following Robert Davenport, Sr. Veteran Fund Grant


All grants from the Robert Davenport, Sr. Veteran Fund shall be subject to the following:


5.1       Payments. Whenever reasonably possible, payments of grant funds shall be remitted directly from BVMM to applicable creditors of the applicable Beneficiaries. If that is not reasonably possible under the circumstances, then any payment made to or for the benefit of an Eligible Veteran or Beneficiary must be for payment or reimbursement of one or more specific invoices, receipts or confirmations from one or more creditors, which must be presented to one or more of the Directors of BVMM before the payment of grant funds is made.


5.2       Receipts. BVMM shall obtain receipts from all persons or entities receiving payments of grant funds.


5.3       Written Report from Sponsoring Organization. As soon as reasonably possible following completion of disbursement of grant funds a written report summarizing the Grant Request, and accounting for the use of all grant funds awarded consistent with the purpose of the request be submitted to the BVMM board. The report shall be signed by the Veteran or the person holding the Veteran’s Power of Attorney.


6.0       General Provisions


6.1       Applicability. These Guidelines shall apply to all Grant Requests and responses to Grant Requests applicable to the Robert Davenport, Sr. Veteran Fund.


6.2       Modification. These Guidelines may be modified only by an affirmative vote of a majority of the sitting BVMM Directors or via unanimous written consent of the BVMM Directors in lieu of a meeting in accordance with the BVMM Bylaws.