November 11, 2022 through June 12, 2023

The Veterans Museum of Broomfield is proud to part of a group of venues sharing the following exhibit, Proudly She Served, an online-only exhibit consisting of twelve large portrait paintings of military women by artist Steve Alpert, as well as accompanying biographical vignettes highlight these women’s experiences during their military careers including their challenges and successes. They also share the mantras they live by and who inspired them along their journey.

The Mission of Proudly She Served is to highlight women who served or who have served in the U.S. military ~ their service and sacrifice, raise awareness of the challenges many face when transitioning to life outside of the military, and to offer transition support and a helping hand as they define their post military career goals and next steps.

For more about the Proudly She Served Project,

About the Artist: Steve Alpert said, “I began this project to tell the story that women in uniform are just as courageous and capable of leadership as men in uniform. Simple as that. I wanted to contribute to telling their success stories through portrait paintings in oil.” Alpert reinvented himself as a professional landscape and later portrait artist after working nearly three decades in the TV news industry. He has created many artworks with military themes. You may find more about the artist at