Join us from 9-11am the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month for an informal presentation about a military conflict, branch or event.  Come early to enjoy light refreshments.


Upcoming Presentations

October 14 – Tracy Perry  

Tracy, an Air Force Veteran and former C&C speaker, will talk about his great grandfather, Francis Perry, who fought with the Michigan Volunteers in the U.S. Civil War. Part of the presentation will focus on his Sharps carbine he carried during his service, that has been passed down through the family for over 100 years.

October 28 – Bob Moulder

Bob, a Korean War Veteran and Museum Board member, will discuss the little known “First US-Korean War.”  This action occurred in 1871 and was associated with European powers attempting to expand colonial and trade empires in Asia.

November 25 –  Colleen Sawyer

Colleen, a Broomfield resident and previous Coffee and Conversation Speaker, will give a talk titled “The Stars and Stripes in WWI.”  The presentation won a prize at the Front Range History Conference, and will include posters and a collection of the original Stars and Stripes newspapers from that period.

December 9 –  Special Tribute – USS Indianapolis (CA-35)

Telling its story from launch in November 1931  to its tragic sinking on 30 July 1945.  It had a distinguished career, including carrying President Franklin Roosevelt on multiple trips, service in the Pacific during WWII and its critical role in transporting the atomic bomb components to Tinian.  The tribute will include information from the recent discovery of its sunken wreckage  and honoring former crewmember and deceased Broomfield resident, Paul Murphy.



If you or someone you know is interested in presenting for a Coffee & Conversation, please contact: Mike Fellows ( or Ed Miccio (