Join us from 9-11am the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month for an informal presentation about a military conflict, branch or event.  Come early to enjoy light refreshments.


Upcoming Presentations

June 24

Frontline Army Nurses in WWII A skit by Shirley Jamiel. Although American women were never forced to participate in World War II, thousands volunteered to serve. Among those were 59,000 nurses women who risked their own lives to provide aid and comfort to the GIs so far from home. The skit will share the personal stories of three nurses.

July 8

Visit to CubaBill Bacon, a BVMM Board member and previous C&C speaker will share his experiences and photos from a recent visit to Cuba conducted by a local military historian and Army veteran.

July 22

Preserving the USS Arizona Donald Johnson, PhD works with the National Park Service and is an expert on restoration efforts ongoing with the USS Arizona, which was sunk at Pearl Harbor.

August 12

Dr. Bob Mallin, MD, is a Vietnam Veteran having served as the squadron surgeon for the 1/10th Cavalry (Buffalo Soldiers). Bobis a retired surgeon who practiced in Anchorage Alaska and retired to Sante Fe, New Mexico. His presentation will be a survey of medical and surgical practices during the American Civil War. Dr. Mallin will be in the uniform of a regimental surgeon.

August 26

Sergio Lugo, a Vietnam Infantry veteran and former C&C speaker, will give a special talk on the role of civilian volunteer service groups which provided vital support to our soldiers in France during WWII.


If you or someone you know is interested in presenting for a Coffee & Conversation, please contact: Mike Fellows ( or Ed Miccio (