ARTillery is a rotating exhibition series featuring artwork by local U.S. military service members, or by local artists who create artwork with a military theme. This program was designed to provide an artistic space for veterans and active service members to express themselves as well as to feature and foster appreciation for the U.S. military.

Now On View!

Memorial Ceiling Tiles by Lori Mellinger

For four years, local veteran Lori Mellinger has painted the ceiling tiles of the American Legion’s building in Northglenn, CO commemorating the service and sacrifice of military veterans. Each ceiling tile is personalized through imagery that reflects their service as well as their personal interests. Lori Mellinger writes that “doing research for these pieces has been like a history class for me. I have learned a great deal about my fellow veterans and their family members.”

The painted tiles have temporarily been brought to the Broomfield Veterans Museum for display. The exhibit will run from September 11, 2021 – January 30, 2022.

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The Museum is accepting applications on an on-going basis.

The Broomfield Veterans Memorial Museum is a non-profit organization committed to preserving the memories of America’s military history and strengthening bonds to the community by facilitating the stories of veterans as supported by displays and artifacts for the benefit and education of generations to come. Each year the BVMM presents up to 4 art exhibits. The museum reserves one wall (25 ft. in length) on the main level for the hanging of 2-dimensional works of art. Artists wishing to have their artwork considered for exhibition must submit the following using one of the methods described below.

Submission checklist (required items):

  1. Artist Application Form including list of submitted artwork.
  2. Short letter of intent describing interest in showing work at the BVMM.
  3. Short (1 paragraph) Artist Statement about the work being submitted as well as an Artist Headshot.
  4. Short (1 paragraph) Biography including military status and description of service, if applicable.
  5. Resume that includes name and contact information, as well as a list of past exhibitions, awards or publications if applicable.
  6. Digital, hi-resolution images (300 dpi jpegs) representing submitted artwork. Please label files to correspond to the application form.

Artists will be chosen by the Museum’s Exhibition Committee. Exhibition dates and locations are determined by the Broomfield Veterans Memorial Museum. Please note that all submitted artwork MUST have a military tie: this means that artwork must either have a military theme, OR the artist must be a veteran or active military. 

Please see the Art Exhibition Guidelines for additional information about submissions and exhibitions.

Digital submissions: Please submit fill out a complete application here.

Hard copy submissions:
If you wish to submit a hard copy application, please fill out and mail the Artist Application Form as well as the above described required items to the address below. Images of submitted artwork may be sent as jpegs on a CD or USB. 

Broomfield Veterans Memorial Museum
Attn: Museum Curator
12 Garden Center
Broomfield, CO 80020