Scholarships are Available for You!

Are you a junior or a senior in high school? Are you ready to learn more about scholarship opportunities? Come to the Broomfield Veterans Museum from 12pm to 1pm on August 28 to explore the opportunities offered by the local American Legion and VFW organizations. More information is available here.

Education Trunk Available:

WEIGHT / WAITflyeroption

We invite Educators to borrow our WEIGHT / WAIT trunk to present students with resources that illustrate American history through the physical and psychological effects of war.

Full of primary and secondary sources that fulfill educational standards, this trunk is linked to curriculum standards by grade level with a focus on history, language, and visual arts.  Suggested activities and relevant media clips create dynamic and hands-on learning while difficult topics like PTSD encourage students to understand human differences through literacy components.

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Guided Museum Tours for Groups

Students dressed up in various military uniforms as part of their school tour to the museum

Schedule time for your class to come to visit the museum any day of the week. Veterans will provide tours through the museum, which covers every major U.S.-involved war along with special exhibits on women in the war, Colorado’s 10th Mountain Division and more. Students will enjoy an interactive experience that includes trying on military gear and learning the stories of veterans with local ties.

Please fill out our online request form if you would like to schedule a tour.

Veteran PresentationsMuseum exhibit booth with veterans at local college fair

Invite a veteran to present to your class on a variety of history and military topics, from the Civil War era to present day conflicts. We will work with you to provide an informative presentation tailored to your needs with the added perspective of a veteran who has endured the challenges of war.

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Comprehensive Research Library

In our newly expanded downstairs, we house a research library with a large volume of military books and DVDs covering every era in our nation’s military history. Books and DVDs may be checked out by patrons. Our library also includes an extensive collection of veteran interviews to view and hear first-hand accounts of life as a soldier. Additionally, we have volunteers on hand to assist individuals with research projects.

Curriculum Resources for Middle School and High School Teachers

Click here for a one-page resource guide about Pearl Harbor and the US’ entry into World War II.

We’ll continue to add content to this page over the coming months with other topics to explore—from the Civil War in Colorado to the Vietnam War and beyond!