U.S. Army Transportation Museum

Do you like vintage cars?  Stop by the Broomfield Veterans Memorial Museum on Saturday at noon and you might just be surprised!  The Denver chapter of the Studebaker Club is stopping by the museum for a tour and will likely bring many of their amazing cars (weather permitting).  In honor of their visit we will also have a U.S. military Weasel on display outside the building (weather permitting).  Did you know that the Studebaker company developed the Weasel under contract with the government.  They were given 180 days to produce it and came up with a prototype after 60 days!  Click this link for an article about the Weasel in WWII:  M-29 Weasel.  We are open Saturday from 9am-3pm and will have the weasel during that time but if you’re excited to see the vintage cars, stop by between 11:30am and 12:30pm!

For more information on the Studebaker Club: