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We attempt to answer our messages frequently but due to limited open hours, it may take 72 hours to receive a response.

For the press:  We are excited to help you help us!  We appreciate your efforts and want to provide you with marketing materials.  We have a Digital Press Kit set up through our Google Drive to provide images and logos.  Digital Press Kit

For further marketing questions, email Our phone number is (303) 460-6801.

Current Board of Directors:

Lew Roman – President
John Peticolas – Vice President
Cathy Walker – Secretary
Lew Moir – Past President/Treasurer
Sara Farris
Michael Fellows
Megan Huelman
Flint Whitlock
Bear Owens

In Memorial

David Jamiel, a key member of the BVM board member and a friend of the museum, passed away this past winter from COVID-19. We honor his memory here with this photo of Dave wearing historic clothing.