We are working on updating our exhibits to honor more veterans and utilize better interpretation and technology to share their stories.  Please check back as we post updates and exciting upcoming exhibit news!

Permanent Exhibits

Our permanent exhibits highlight Colorado’s role throughout U.S. military history by presenting innovative displays centered around individuals’ stories. Displays cover the Civil War, Colorado Frontier, Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, Cold War, Korean War, Vietnam War, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Current exhibit: Commemorating the 160th Anniversary of the Civil War

Display of Civil War special exhibit In April 1861, the deadliest conflict in American history broke out. Angered by the election of abolitionist Abraham Lincoln to the highest office in the land, 11 Southern states broke away from the Union. What would follow were four years of bloody conflict that cost the lives of over half a million Americans.

Colorado was also caught up in the war. President Lincoln nominated William Gilpin to become governor of the newly formed Colorado Territory, with orders that he protect the gold and silver assets from any attempt by the Confederates to invade the territory and seize them.

Photo of Civil War artifactsGilpin raised a regiment of 1,000 men just in the nick of time, for a force of 3,000 Texans was marching from San Antonio up the Rio Grande Valley through New Mexico on their way to Colorado. Literally heading them off at the pass — Glorieta Pass, outside of Santa Fe — the Colorado volunteers turned back the would-be invaders in a two-day battle in March 1862 and saved the West for the Union.

The story of the “Pike’s Peakers” and “Gilpin’s Lambs,” as they were called, is currently on display at the museum, along with artifacts of the war. The exhibit will be up until mid-May 2021.

Main display case with artifacts from Dwight D. Eisenhower's early years of serviceMore about our Forefather Veterans Exhibits

“Forefather Veterans” is a collaboration between the museum and a person or family that wants to honor a deceased veteran family member. Participation by the general public is encouraged, and applications to honor your veteran family member can be obtained at the museum or at the link below.

PDF Application Form   (please email or return completed form to the museum)

Rotating Art Exhibits

The Broomfield Veterans Museum is now accepting applications for a rotating art exhibition series. Each year the museum will present four art exhibits. The museum reserves one wall (25 ft. in length) on the main level for the hanging of 2-dimensional works of art. For more information about this series, please click here.

See our Renovated Space

The museum has undergone some recent renovations; certain exhibits are still under construction. Please take time to see how we have improved and updated our exhibits and displays, many using technology that has greatly enhanced the visitor’s museum experience.

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